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Housing for Auburn Students and College Graduates

Chris Kearns Badger Properties

Chris "Badger" Kearns

2 x Auburn Grad

Building Science, '98

Community Planning, '10



Badger Properties is a small company filling a specific niche in the Auburn student apartment rental market - we primarily work with the smartest undergrads and scholarship winners as well as graduate students and college graduates.  By emphasizing academics first, we are able to attract and retain the best tenants so you get the quietest neighbors possible.  We only want to deal with folks who are serious about learning, so evaluating someone based on their academic progress is a key part of our screening process. 


We try to create the "opportunity for community" among our residents.  Our efforts to establish a 'culture' of  smart, inquisitive, friendly people is unique in college student housing, but it works well for us.  How do we know the academic progress of our tenants?  We ask.  It's the right on the application. 


We do not rent to any freshmen, period.  We've had that policy for several years, and it has made for less stress for our office and fewer noise complaints from our other tenants.  In the 12+ years I have been renting apartments, experience has taught me that freshmen are just too unpredictable.  We deliberately choose to rule out even the good ones to be sure we don't get any of the bad ones.  If you prove yourself as a top-notch student, we'll be happy to have you for your sophomore year and beyond.  (Check out our application to see if you qualify.) 


We can be picky because our properties have great locations.  Parking sucks at Auburn.  If you look at the map, you'll see 6 of our 7 locations are within walking distance of the Auburn University campus and the town's main shopping & dining area. (click on a property for more info)


Even our office is centrally located, making it easy for me to walk to work from my apartment at Center Court most days.  That's right, I actually live in one of my own properties, so my tenants are also my neighbors.  They have my cell phone number, and they can call me, text me, or stop by any time there's a problem.  You won't find the owners of any of the Auburn's other bigger apartment leasing companies living in their own rental properties.  Maybe that's why they don't care who they rent to...?


Take a few minutes to watch these short videos, and then stop by the office and see the difference for yourself.





Badger Properties          151 N. College Street, Auburn, Alabama, 36830          (334) 821-3023